Thursday, May 05, 2005

The New Era of Fundraising

I guess this could only happen in wacky BC!!

One of the newest Westcoast political party:

Only booze is taboo at Sex Party event
Broadcast News

May 5, 2005

VANCOUVER -- They can't get a liquor licence, but organizers of B.C.'s Sex Party will carry on with a racy election fundraiser in Vancouver next week.

The Sex Party event will feature three couples having sex, nude photography and body painting, and talk about sex and politics.

Party spokesman John Ince says his party was shocked when the Liquor Licencing Branch turned down the request for a licence.

The branch says it won't issue a licence to an event featuring live sex.

But Ince says liquor -- in moderation -- often loosens the tongue, allowing for less inhibited discussions about sex.

Tickets for the adult-only fundraiser are $40 in advance and those attending must sign a document saying they're comfortable with the explicit nature of the event.

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