Monday, February 28, 2005

What if you did all the right things?

This is an article from today's Globe and Mail. I guess it confirms the saying "life is short, play hard!!"

On the other hand, are we reaching the limit of human life expectancy? Are we close to the limit of medical science?

Another related question, should we just let people die - let's say a month or two "earlier" than they should, instead of spending all kinds of money keeping them alive (with really low quality of life) in hospitals?? If we spend $1,000 to keep a person with terminal illness alive, by letting them die one month earlier, the system could re-allocate $30,000 to other patients.

Or there shouldn't be any monetary value pegged with a person's life?

Obviously, this is a very "politically incorrect" debate. This also lead to another question - how do you know if an individual only left with one or two months in his/her life?


Blogger Irish Eyes said...

It's a tough debate. Probable no easy answer.

But I would still say people have a right to live as long as they want.

2/28/2005 10:50 p.m.  
Blogger X said...

Yes, but what about people who wants to die?

In the health economics prospective, more than 90% of a person's life-time health care consumption is in their last 6 months of their life.

The Eskimos have a long tradition, where those seniors just "voluntary" walk out into the cold (and die) when they feel that they became too much of a burden to their society (or families).

What if we just "shoot" all those old and sick (in their last 6 months of their life-span) or just let them choose to end their life?? (This could be our next plan for health care reform, hahaha - Of course, I'm just joking.)

Oh well, this is just a thought from the "crazy politically incorrect" side of me - which I don't think is right.....also, I can't see this debate (or discussion) is heading anywhere. I better just stop here.


3/01/2005 3:53 a.m.  

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